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Lady Anfal Muhammad Jenkins


Anfal Muhammad Jenkins, a native of Plainfield, NJ, is no stranger to the work of ministry within the community. She represents virtue, integrity and accountability. She compels those whom she touches to strive to become better stewards of their gifts.


Empowered by the Holy Spirit, she has taken a front-line approach to addressing the need for awareness as it relates to spiritual and social identity. She established Sisters in Spirit®  to unify, connect and serve the needs of women; to develop and strengthen relationships, based on accountability and acceptance in order to positively impact the community for Christ.


Anfal also developed MATR® (Movement for Adolescent and Teen Resilience) in order to support and address the emotional and social needs of children of parents with mental illness.


As a wife, partner, leader, advocate, and first lady, Anfal encompasses the characteristics of a virtuous woman. With her vibrant personality and decisive approach, Anfal is successful at navigating the road of ministry that Christ has set before her.


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