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About Us


Our ministry is about exhibiting the love of Christ in every area of our lives. Accountability, correction, integrity, grace and charity are just a few of the necessary characteristics.


We provide teaching that gives clarity to all people who have an open heart for the edification of the spirit. It is a known fact that inspired, anointed, accurate teaching and preaching through the power of the Holy Spirit has the ability to transform a broken person into a whole, mature individual who can then be used by Elohim (God).


The Father's desire is for His children to reflect His nature of love. As simple as that sounds, it's not the easiest thing to accomplish since we are only human by flesh. However it is by the work of the Holy Spirit that this becomes possible as a direct result of Christ's redemption.Through prayer and understanding the relevance of scripture in our daily lives, we are enabled to perfect our Christian walk while drawing closer to our Heavenly Father.


Our desire as a ministry is for all people to share in the good things that a life with Christ has to offer. We also know that, on Earth, there is no end to learning and growing in that which draws us closer to the Father. So our task is clear and we are strengthened and emboldened by the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to work tirelessly toward this glorious goal.




Our Mission 


Empowered by the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh), we are committed to meeting the needs of man’s total being that he may prosper in all his ways: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Socioeconomically.

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