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Welcome to Ruach Outreach Ministries, where your kindness reaches hearts, heals lives, and uplifts communities. We're on a mission to make a tangible difference through a range of vital initiatives, and we need your support!


- The FLOOR®: Engage in enriching Bible discourse for practical life application.

- MATR®: Empower children affected by parental mental illness with emotional and vocational support.

- Working Families of Plainfield: Join the fight for income equality and social justice.

- Ruach Health and Wellness: Enhance well-being and quality of life through health support.

- Decarcerate the Garden State Partnership: Advocate for judicial reform and rehabilitation-focused justice.

- Breath of Life Outreach: Provide essentials to the homeless and poor, including food, clothing, and shelter.

- Sisters In Spirit: Nurture women's fellowship to educate and serve community needs.

- MOVE: Mentor young men towards a future of integrity, courage, and responsibility.


Your donation today can spark positive change and offer new beginnings to those in need. Whether it's a one-time gift or a monthly pledge, every contribution helps sustain our work and expand our reach.


Make your impact now by clicking 'Donate' below. Your generosity is the catalyst for hope and progress.


Thank you for your compassion and for believing in our cause.


With gratitude,


Ruach Outreach Ministries Team










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